BenchPrep Online Test Prep Site [Review]

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After you sign in and choose your test (see list below), you’ll then choose your target test date. The program then generates a study plan of week-by-week tasks that you’ll need to complete to achieve your optimal preparedness for your chosen exam. Each task has a timeframe next to it, indicating the expected amount of time the exercise should take – a nice touch.

As you move through the little icons on the left side of the screen, you’ll encounter some nice features – games (mainly flashcard games – pretty simple and straightforward), practice tests, discussion boards, study groups, and others. Another organizational feature is the table of contents icon which, when you click on it, gives you a very clear outline of your study plan with links to other parts of the site.

Tests (a sampling):

• CFA Level I Exam                       .

•  Bookmarking and highlighting features

I just logged into the BenchPrep test prep website and am welcomed with their greeting of “Gain an unfair advantage on test day”; I like this – a test prep site with an edge! Let’s continue exploring…

• SAT • Police Officer Exam • MCAT • PCAT

•  Study groups

•  Ratings/tracking of your confidence level (so you can go back to review those weak areas)
• Praxis Test

•  Discussion boards • Firefighter Exam ~ Helping You Write Your Best

•  Games • PE Exam •  Practice tests

Head to BenchPrep now to check out these features on your own!

• PMP Exam • LSAT

• Ask-a-tutor, and receive an answer within 24 hours

One thing I’d like to see more of on this site are videos. There is certainly no shortage of written prep resources here – there are loads of practice tests and explanations and tips, which of course are extremely important. For some people, this may be exactly what they’re looking for, but others – those auditory/visual types – the absence of video will be noticed.



• GMAT • AP Exam • Postal Exam
• Nursing School Entrance Exams        . • ACT • FRM

There is also a BenchPrep mobile app (Android and iPhone), making this program excellent for test-preppers on-the-go!

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