2012 UCLA Anderson Admissions Director Interview Posted

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Jessica Chung: I would just echo what Dr. Ainslie just said. And we’re looking for someone who would just bring a unique perspective into the classroom that their peers or classmates can also learn from. And that is someone who is well-rounded. Those are things that really stand out when I look through an application.

Here is an excerpt from the transcript that highlights the qualities or attributes that the adcom readers look for when identifying future UCLA Anderson students:

Our recent admissions Q&A with UCLA adcom members Dean Andrew Ainslie, Jessica Chung and Craig Hubbel covered lots of admissions topics and proved extremely helpful for those applicants interested in applying to UCLA Anderson. You can read the whole Anderson Q&A transcript or listen to the full audio clip online. (You can also catch up on past Q&As for other top b-schools on our MBA transcript page.)

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Craig Hubbell: I would just say in general that we certainly appreciate applicants that understand the power of the MBA to transform them professionally and personally. So the people who have done the homework on themselves and on the opportunity and can make a compelling case in their application, those are the ones we get the most excited about. And just in general, we like to make sure that the people we admit fit with our culture and understand our culture here which is definitely one that is challenging and yet supportive. So it’s friendly, it’s collaborative, and yet it keeps you on your toes. So people who are ready to take advantage of our dynamic location and do the kind of practical projects that are part of our learning, and are ready to contribute to the learning of others as well as being open to learning from people of all sorts of backgrounds, that is the kind of well-rounded, ambitious, ethical, and creative person that we like.


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Linda Abraham: Ronald asks, “If you could boil it down to two or three points, what key attributes do you see from applicants?” … Jessica, Craig, and Dean Ainslie – if you could just boil it down very succinctly to what are the two or three qualities you would like to see in UCLA Anderson students.

View the full UCLA Anderson Q&A transcript or listen to the MP3 recording of the event now and check out our UCLA Anderson MBA essay tips.

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Dr. Andrew Ainslie: I think we’ve been seeing a lot of repetition of the question sort of along the line of – If I’m missing this or that, is that a problem? I think the bigger thing for applicants to realize is that what we are looking for are signs of something exceptional. It’s not as though we are hunting for the negatives; we are really hunting for the positives. So I’d hate to categorize it and say that we are looking for this or .. that. If we have some sign of exceptional leadership, some sign of exceptional intelligence, some sign of exceptional business experience, just some sign that you shine in the pack – that is what we are looking for. And we really don’t want candidates to think we are pigeonholing them into just being capable in certain areas. So just show us a sign that you excel. That is probably the single, most important thing.

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